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With the Christmas and New Year behind us, we now face the back to school period. With only just over 2 weeks left until school is back we have compiled a list of all the schools in the Hervey Bay Region.

You might be considering changing your children’s school or perhaps you are new to the area, whatever your situation here is a great comprehensive list along with a brief description of our wonderful Hervey Bay Schools.

Hervey Bay Special School

The mission of Hervey Bay Special School is to maximise the potential of each student to make effective choices about participation in the world. We value the building and development of positive relationships through respect, tolerance, honesty and consideration for each other while fostering the freedom to do so.

Alternative programs identified through Individual Support Plans (ISP)or Senior Education and Training Plan (SET) and Path Plan (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) processes empower a team approach in meeting the individual needs of our students.

Kawungan State School

The Kawungan state school community provides a happy, supportive and engaging learning environment where the complete development of each child is encouraged and independence, cooperation and consideration for others are nurtured. Our school motto of "Helping Each Other Achieve Excellence" is embodied in all that we do and say.

Hervey Bay State High School

Hervey Bay State High School has approximately 960 students and provides quality education for both male and female students in years 7 to 12. Because of our unique location and resources, we are able to offer a wide curriculum including marine studies, information and communication technologies, agricultural science, Vocational education Programs, traineeships and apprenticeships, first year university subjects through the University of Southern Queensland, as well as the full traditional range of subjects.

Hervey Bay State High School prides itself on working with students and families to establish productive partnerships that better place our students to transition into further education or training, or directly into the workforce. We have an experienced and professional teaching staff who are supported by a dedicated welfare team. Hervey Bay State High School successfully meets the educational and welfare needs of all our students, including students with disabilities.

Urangan State High School

Urangan State High School is dedicated to discovering the best within all students through high quality educational and social experiences that expose them to new ideas, new ways and new possibilities for future success.


At Urangan State High School we:

  • Aim high, by promoting openness, integrity and responsibility,
  • Create new ideas, new processes, new skills,
  • Co-operate by being positive, honest and sharing,
  • Value our people, their diversity and individual strengths, and
  • Celebrate our successes as members of a dynamic, bonded community.


We believe in creating a school which is based upon mutual respect and empowerment where:

  • Students feel safe and able to achieve to their full potential,
  • Parents value what our school offers and feel valued in return,
  • Staff want to contribute to their utmost, and
  • Teamwork, confidence and communication are the basis of success and happiness.

Our vision

"Pursuit of excellence every minute, every day"

Fraser Coast Anglican College

We provide a supportive Christian community and a high quality learning environment which enriches the body, mind and spirit, challenging each individual student to develop a love of learning, build their confidence, serve others, have options for the future and achieve their best.

We aim to be the school of first choice for families in the Wide Bay region, achieving outstanding academic results and renowned for our innovative K -12 curriculum which engages all students.

Our Values

  • Living the values Christ taught us – Within our school we nurture a culture that embodies love, forgiveness, respect, compassion and service.
  • Achieving your best – All of us will set high standards and attempt to meet those standards, having self-discipline and achieving the very best of which we are capable.
  • A balanced life – Monitoring the well-being of our students to guide them towards a healthy balance of school work, sporting and cultural endeavours and spiritual development.
  • Giving it your all – Making the effort to be involved in all the school offers, trying your very best, making a commitment and honouring that commitment and seeing things through.
  • Supporting each other – Caring and respecting one another, looking after those who struggle to look after themselves, operating as a family and reinforcing the love and connection we have for each other for the ongoing mutual support and the creative enhancement of all.
  • Caring for the environment – As global citizens we have an obligation to create an awareness of our natural environment, to marvel at its wonders, seek to learn more about it and to care for it for future generations.

St James Lutheran College

Affordable, quality schooling can be difficult to find. At St James Lutheran College, we pride ourselves on providing a supportive community atmosphere in which your child/children can grow. Students receive the best possible start in life because they are taught to respect each other and to respect themselves. They are also encouraged and shown how to succeed in today’s technological society.

Each child deserves a school that prepares them effectively for their future through offering guidance, support and encouragement. At St James Lutheran College, we work in partnership with parents/carers to provide this environment. Each student is valued as an individual and is encouraged to develop to the best of their potential: academically; spiritually; and in the sporting and cultural arenas. We are in partnership with you and your children; your involvement in your child’s education is vital.

This website contains information about our College’s structure and facilities. We would also like to invite you to visit us and see for yourself the quality schooling we can offer your child.

Xavier Catholic College

Our mission for the College is to provide a high quality education within our Catholic tradition where all are engaged in their learning, challenged and motivated to do their best.

Our aim is to assist the formation of our students to become young men and women of competence, conscience and compassion with an attitude of excellence and service.

Hervey Bay Dance School

Hervey Bay Dance School was formed in 2000 and has become the regions premier education facility and regional Queensland's biggest dance program provider committed to a quality dance and performing arts education of all students. Our approach to learning is POSITIVE! We encourage all students to strive to improve themselves as individuals while they also learn to work with fellow dancers in the class and performance setting.

In 2014 Hervey Bay Dance School launched the region's first Certificate Program and by 2016 had over 13 students enrolled in Certificate II & III in Dance achieving very high marks.

In 2016 HBDS announced the launch of Regional Queensland's first Performing Arts High School under the name of Hervey Bay Performing Arts College giving students the option of combining schooling and full-time dance.

In late 2016 HBDS took over Dance Zone Hervey Bay which merged into HBDS bringing you a wide range of additional classes such as cheer & AASCF Troupes including a second venue used as studio 3 & 4 in 2017.

Hervey Bay Dance School has also formed partnerships with Village Nation (Sydney) who provide HBDS students will summer school scholarships and full-time course trial scholarships & RAW Dance Company (Brisbane) who has provides students with courses and workshops with their international dancers.

We believe that every student in our studio community is important & unique and should be nurtured and guided to reach their full potential in dance & performance. We have a high expectation of students that they come to class ready to learn & partake in classes to their full ability with passion, respect & willingness to take responsibility for their own learning.

Whether you are looking for classes for recreation or to equip & empower you to take a step towards the professional performing arts industry, Hervey Bay Dance School will strive to help you achieve your full potential in dance.

Yarrilee State School

Yarrilee State School is a community of learners who feel a strong bond with each other

The school has a warm and welcoming atmosphere where difference is accepted and making a difference is expected.

Our values and beliefs are obvious in our interaction with peers and with others.

Here, the students and staff see themselves not only as Hervey Bay, Queensland and Australian citizens but, more importantly, as world citizens.

Many display leadership qualities from a young age.

There is a sense of purpose evident in the classrooms where challenging tasks are undertaken in a supportive and nurturing learning environment.

You often hear students being praised for their efforts.

Information and communication technology is used as a tool to enhance learning outcomes.

Students have an appreciation for the skills and attributes necessary to survive and prosper in modern times.

Our whole school community promotes the notion that 'Learning is our future'.

Torquay State School

Torquay State School is a unique community where our entire staff feel and demonstrate a collective responsibility for each child’s learning and development. This represents an incredible collaborative approach where each student is nurtured from year to year with teachers maintaining a consistent interest in each child’s success.

We actively promote and teach students and community about our values of:

  • Safety,
  • Respect and
  • Responsibility

  • This enables our school to ensure we have a well-disciplined environment where children are encouraged to think creatively and to engage in a range of problem solving processes. These values underpin our School’s Responsible Behavior Plan for Students and provide the opportunity to teach valuable life lessons.

    Pialba State School

    The school motto, “Always our Best” reflects our commitment to working in partnership with families to ensure every child has a quality education which prepares them for a positive future. We pride ourselves as a school who celebrates high expectation of all student in their academic pursuits, sporting excellence and the arts, providing innovative, academically challenging, engaging and exciting learning pathways for high achieving students. Sharing a fence line with Hervey Bay State High School and the University of Sunshine Coast, the school is working with these educational partners to make school a seamless process where student have a clear pathway from primary school to high school and then onto tertiary study.

    Star Of The Sea Catholic Primary School

    Our Vision

    Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School is committed to providing a dynamic learning environment, which strives to develop a culture of excellence in a faith-filled, inclusive community.

    Our Mission

    Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School embraces a community of faith, commitment and compassion through our links with St Joseph's Parish, Hervey Bay. A sense of family permeates throughout the school so that in the way of Mary, Mother of God, we live out our vision.

    Sandy Strait State School

    Located in stunning Hervey Bay, Sandy Strait State School provides a world class education to approximately 650 students ranging from Prep to Year 6.

    Every day our students 'leap into learning' by engaging in exciting curriculum activities to meet individual learning needs. Our staff is committed to delivering a consistent and enriching program that develops student’s skills, knowledge and talents so that they may achieve their ambitions, realise their goals and unique qualities as individuals.

    We look forward to working, in partnership, with you and your family to ensure that your child develops to their full potential and has the opportunity to 'strive for success'.

    Urangan Point State School

    Urangan Point State School is unique in offering families a relaxed smaller school setting whilst being situated in the fast growing Fraser Coast community. The school is located in Urangan at the southern end of Hervey Bay and is surrounded by the Botanical Gardens, the historical Urangan Pier and several large beachfront resorts. It is part of the North Coast Education Region.

    The school was established in 1916 with a number of local families having attended Urangan Point for several generations. Our school celebrates success, recognises personal difference and prepares students for an active role in our democratic society.

    Our modern facilities, immaculate grounds and caring staff provide a learning environment focusing on all aspects of a child's development. We encourage you to explore our website and to visit our school to see all we have to offer.

    Carinity Education – Glendyne

    Situated just outside Hervey Bay, Carinity Education – Glendyne (formerly Glendyne Education & Training Centre) is a co-educational independent school offering a second chance for young people who have found mainstream schooling unsuitable.

    We offer more than an alternative style of education; we are here to walk alongside students in times of need and encourage them to achieve their dreams. By providing practical education with individual learning support and a range of life skills, we help to provide purpose and direction into the lives of young people and pathways to become positive and contributing members of the community.